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Sunday Schedule:

 Classes . . . 
 Adults' Bible StudyNote: Starting June 5th, there will be "Purpose Workshops" from 9-10 am in the Fellowship Hall
 One Worship Service: 10:15 am
 Child Care Provided: 10:10 am in the Nursery (CE Building)
 Children's Church: after Children's Sermon, escorted to 1st Floor of CE building
 Middle & High School Youth after Children's Sermon, meet in 2nd Floor of CE building
led by Gary Williams

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Celebrating 100 Years

    We are a church that believes in the miraculous power of the risen Christ

The Lord will keep you from all harm — he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.
Psalm 121:7-8 (NIV)

Pastor's Post


Don't ask me to bake a cake or make an apple pie, because I'm not a baker. Where would I start? Well, I do know what I don't know. So, my first step in baking a cake or making a pie would be to get my hands on a recipe. If I can follow directions, then — whatever I make — at least it will be edible. A good recipe will list all the ingredients needed.

Just as a recipe lists the necessary ingredients to bake a cake or make a pie, so Acts 2:41-47 lists all the ingredients necessary for a healthy, disciple-making church: life-changing encounters with the Word of God; self-sacrificing relationships with other believers; praise-filled gatherings to celebrate God's blessings; and, awe-inspiring conversions of sinners.

Life-changing encounters with the Word of God are the most basic ingredient. This is like the flour used in a cake or piecrust. The binder, the ingredient that holds it all together is self-sacrificing relationships with other believers. So, we can't leave out the eggs. Praise-filled gatherings to celebrate God's blessings are spread throughout the batter like milk, or like the water added to moisten the dough for a piecrust. Then you have all flavor ingredients: butter and vanilla, chocolate or fruit, salt and spice. The flavorful ingredients are the awe-inspiring conversions of sinners.

Combine all the ingredients together following the directions of the recipe and you will have a delicious dessert. And what about the church? In order for the church to be beautiful and healthy, each member must be devoted-committed-to adding key ingredients, day by day, and week after week. What essential ingredients are you contributing to the health and beauty of Mayflower?

by his empowering presence,
Pastor Don

Results of the Mayflower Church Health Survey Are In!

The results from the recent Mayflower Church Health Survey are available here as a PDF (2.3 megabytes). The 110 page report presents results of the survey in chart and tabular data.

Summary: This table lists the results of Mayflower's Healthy Church Survey according to rank, from strong (at the top) to weak (at the bottom). The table also compares the responses of leadership with responses of the congregation.

Table of Survey Results

Upcoming Events . . .

Congregational Metting, This Sunday

A brief Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting will convene, this Sunday, June 26, immediately after the worship service.

What Makes For a Healthy Church?

In the next few weeks we are distributing a book. Every member and friend of Mayflower is encouraged to take and read a copy (suggested donation $9.00, this is half the retail price). Copies are available on a book table in the family room/fellowship hall.

You may have read books on this topic before — but not like this one. Instead of an instruction manual for church growth, this classic text offers tried and true principles for assessing the health of our church from a biblical perspective. Whether you're the pastor, ministry leader, or an involved member of our congregation, studying the nine marks of a healthy church will help you cultivate new life and well-being within our own church for God's glory and the good of his people.

Author, Mark Dever (PhD, Cambridge University), is senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC, and president of 9Marks. He has written several books on church health and church leadership.

Later this month a reading schedule will be published and coordinated with a preaching series, Nine Marks of a Healthy Church. Get your copy today! Reading the forward, preface, and introduction now will whet your appetite for great things vital to the health of Christ's church.

Mayflower Body Life Purpose Workshops

Sundays 9 a.m. - 10 a.m.

Please come on Sunday mornings and be a part of the discussion!
We will continue to discover what it means to Mayflower and what it means to us individually to:

  • Have a passion for God
  • Have compassion toward others, and
  • Engage in mission to the world (here in PG and beyond)

We believe that when we gather prayerfully, listen to God's Word, and listen to each other, God's purpose will emerge from our sharing and our seeking to be faithful.

Wednesday Night Prayer Meetings

The Mission Study Team invites you to join them for church-wide prayer meetings. Beginning Wednesday, June 8th, we will meet in Mayflower's library from 6 to 7 PM. The particular focus of our prayer meeting is Mayflower's future purpose and direction. Of course we will pray for one another as well. Please join us in prayer as we seek God on behalf of Mayflower Church.

Mayflower Church — Quick Look

Contact the church office for more details

Transition Schedule-at-a-Glance

November 20, 2015

WE HAVE A TRANSITIONAL PASTOR! The Lord has blessed Mayflower with Pastor Don Harris. Don and his wife Ellen will be coming out from Florida to start on December 5th. Thank you for all of your prayers. We are truly blessed to see what the Lord has done!

The Mission Study Team, is in the process of developing a clear and up-to-date expression of who Mayflower is and where Mayflower is going. Please pray for this team as they continue their work.

The Pastor Nominating Committee is in the process of being formed and will be up for approval by the congregation along with the mission study once it is complete.

First Touch Volunteers Needed

We are grateful for those who arrive a little earlier on Sunday mornings and prepare fresh brewed coffee for us! The First Touch ministry team is looking for a few more volunteers to help set up or clean up. No experience necessary! See Cathy Smith for details.

Designated Missions Giving

Would you like to donate to a specific Mayflower missionary? Just write a check to Mayflower Church, and write the missions agency & missionary names on the "memo" line. For example, write "Greater Europe Mission - Drew & Linka Parlee" or "Intervarsity - Steve & Susie Colby". For a full list of our missionaries, see the missions board in the Fellowship Hall.

Mayflower In The Community

Dorothy's Place: A Homeless Women's Ministry

Dorothy's Place in Salinas is a ministry of the Franciscan Workers of Junipero Serra. One of their programs is Dorothy's Kitchen, which was "founded with the desire that all people who are hungry in our community should come and eat". On the second Saturday of each month, a team of Mayflower volunteers lovingly prepares and delivers a meal for the homeless at Dorothy's. To participate in this ministry or get more information, contact Bill Warne or Miriam Little. You may read more about Dorothy's place at

"By The Back Door"

We are collecting unopened, unexpired, nonperishable food. The food will be delivered to Dorothy's Kitchen in Salinas, where it is used to prepare daily meals for homeless women. Do you need ideas? Suggestions for donations include: large cans of tomato sauce or chopped tomatoes, bags or sacks of rice and beans, large bags of cornbread mix, packages of pasta or parmesan cheese from Costco, and large jars of canned fruit. If you have any questions or would like to help with the delivery, please call Bill Warne

If you are interested in providing meat products for these guests, please give me a call or call the church office.

Dorothy's slogan is, "Love Loudly," lets hear a big roar from Mayflower.

Thank you,
Bill Warne

I-HELP Dinner

Monthly Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program (I-HELP) is scheduled at Mayflower the first Tuesday and first Saturday of the month; and the 5th Thursday (lodging ony).
Contact Joe Blau if you want to help

Mayflower Library Is A Treasure Trove

Did you know that there are nearly 3,000 books cataloged and ready to be checked out in our Mayflower Library? From daily devotionals to books on psychology, evangelism, pastoral care, missions, addiction and 30 additional Christian-based topics, the library is a treasure trove of reading available to our church members.

Special thanks to Teri Cotham who has worked diligently, behind-the-scenes, to catalog our books into a computer database to better track and inventory our works. Teri has spent four months getting the library in order before her move later this month to Gardnerville, Nevada. Thanks Teri for all you have done for us.

You can now search for a book by title or author (first or last), on line.

Builder's Plaque on the Historic Mayflower Pipe Organ
Read about the Mayflower's historic pipe organ

Mayflower Presbyterian Preschool

We are now accepting registration and enrollment for our Standard Preschool Program and our Cooperative Preschool Program.
Ages 3 years to entering kindergarten.

Preschool is now in session
Office Hours:  Monday, Thursday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm;  Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Visit the Mayflower Presbyterian Preschool web site.

CA State License # 274411613.

Learn about Small Groups and Motorcycles at Mayflower.

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